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StudyBays.Me – Information on the results of tests for e-Mentor 1/2007, «interactive whiteboard teaching adjuvant» Hanna Gulińska, Margaret Bartoszewicz] [Theme music used in podkastach comes from the album Nine Inch Nails Fri.

At the same time, however, begins to young people also feel unsaturated and saturated desire to explore and understand the mystery of existence. The tragedy of existence becomes a disturbing problem. The awareness of death is becoming more and more painful «.Trudno I was to make any shortcuts in this wonderful, strongly interacting imagination statements Szuman professor who wrote these words in» affirmation of life «(Lviv, 1938). If anything has changed since the professor? No, nothing. A person goes same development phases, with the same problems.

The story of life and human needs remain the same – surround us just a little bit different gadgets. What are worth reading to ponder the words Schuman? I encourage you to reflect on the issue of strengthening young people’s affirmation of life. Consider whether the educational work generally does not dazzle much vision of the world in its version morbid, full of hardships and dangers? And finally – what seems to me the most important, if the affirmation of life can learn educator who does not have a positive attitude to life? …

Talent is a pedagogical skill as a constant, conscious reflection on their own performance and continuous improvement of its funkcjonowania.Podobno Indians of the Iroquois tribe before making important decisions held a conference to consider the impact of their plans for the next seven generations. How far OUR horoscope tutorial? How far is it probable? After all, education is the action unpredictable as the weather, with the same ingredients may be different rezultaty.Przeczytaj also «All children are gifted (Note about the author: Margaret Taraszkiewicz: Educational Psychologist, trainer, member of the Educational XXI, a member of the team that -Redakcji / ** / jQuery (document) .ready (function ($) {jac_init ();}); var JACommentConfig = {jac_base_url: ‘/ component / jacomment /’ SITEURL: ‘/ component / jacomment /? tmpl = component & view = comments’, minLengthComment:’ 10 ‘, errorMinLength:’ Your comment is too short. ‘, maxLengthComment’ 5000 ‘, errorMaxLength:’ Your comment is too long. ‘isEnableAutoexpanding:’ 1 ‘, dateASC’ recent comments at the top ‘, dateDESC’ Latest comment in bottom ‘, votedASC:’ Most voted on top ‘, votedDESC’ Most voted in bottom ‘, strLogin:’ Login ‘, isEnableBBCode:’ 1 ‘, isEnableCharacterCounter:’ 0 ‘, isEnableLocationDetection:’ 0 ‘, commentFormPosition:’ 1 ‘, hdCurrentComment: 0, contentoption’ com_content ‘ContentID’ 1320 ‘, commenttype:’ 1 ‘, jacomentUrl’ ‘contenttitle’ pedagogical talent and affirmation of life ‘ , hidInputComment: ‘You must input comment.’, hidInput WordInComment: ‘The words are too long you should add more spaces between them’, hidEndEditText: ‘Please exit spell check before Submitting comment’, hidInputName: ‘You must input name’, hidInputEmail: ‘You must input email’, hidValidEmail ‘ your email is invalid ‘, hidAgreeToAbide:’ You must agree that abide by the website rules ‘hidInputCaptcha:’ You must input the captcha ‘, textQuoting’ Quoting ‘textQuote’ Quote ‘, textPosting’ Posting ‘, textReply’ reply comment ‘, textCheckSpelling’ No writing errors’, mesExpandForm ‘(+) is a Click Expand’ mesCollapseForm ‘(-) Click to Collapse’ theme ‘default’, txtCopiedDecode ‘Copied DCode’}; / ** / / ** / / ** // ** / / ** / / ** / / ** / / ** / function open_youtube (id) {jacCreatForm ( ‘open_youtube’, id, 400,200,0, 0, ‘Embed a YouTube video’, 0, ‘Embed video’); } / ** / / ** / window.addEvent ( «load» function () {var url = window.location.hash; c_url = url.split ( ‘#’); d = 0; tmp = 0; if (c_url.length> = 1) {for (i = 1; i -1) {tmp = c_url [i]. split ( ‘:’) [1]; if (tmp! = «») {id = parseInt (tmp, 10);}}}} url = «? tmpl = component & option = com_jacomment & view = comments & contentoption = com_content & ContentID = 1320 & wound = 1992848907» ; if (d! = 0) {url + = «& currentCommentID =» + id;} var req = new Request ({method: ‘get’, uRL url onComplete: function (text) {$ jacJQuery = jQuery; $ jacJQuery ( ‘# Jac-wrapper’). html ($ jacJQuery ( ‘# Jac-wrapper’). html () + text); moveBackground (id ‘’); jac_auto_expand_textarea (); jacJQuery $ ( ‘# jac-wrapper-.conversation avatar’). tooltip (); jacJQuery $ ( ‘# jac-wrapper and #jacTab: last’). it ( ‘shown’ function (e) {displayVotedComments ( ‘com_content’, ‘1320’); }); }}.) Send (); }); / ** / Warsaw. Portal of modern education EDUNEWS.PL is already visible in the network. The official inauguration of the service is planned for May, but users will have the information about the latest trends in the world of education, the use of new technologies, new styles of teaching, the latest games and edutainment programs, as well as interesting projects of social education.

All those who are looking for an idea for an interesting educational project, are interested in the educational experiences of other countries looking for research results, or are simply curious about the world and want to grow, they should look at Portal is not without reason was launched right now. The world is at a time when the traditional society and economy based on industry, under the influence of globalization and rapid technological development, will inevitably change in the information society and knowledge-based economy. This means serious changes in social and economic life (even in the labor market), and hence, the need to keep up with change and adapt to the new reality. Let’s talk about education and the changes it to «Portal EDUNEWS.PL is the medium of education, whose aim is to promote the idea of ​​lifelong learning and modern education programs and social tools. Thanks to everyone, regardless of age and occupation, we will be able to effectively enjoy the fruits of the progress of civilization and the world’s information and pursuing their own goals in life. «- says Marcin Polak, editor-in-chief and founder of the portal portalu.Portal is addressed not only to the educational environment, but also social educators, non-governmental educational organizations, representatives of companies operating in the education market and to students who are interested in new technologies and want to use them in their own education. The assumption is a portal for exchanging ideas and opinions, which will take place discussions on the shape of the Polish and the world of education and its biggest challenges in the twenty-first century.

There will be an information portal focused exclusively on events around the Polish education system, but one in which the information will be published in different parts of the world, inspiring Polish educators to action and innovation in the education process. The world is moving forward, and we are with him. «Information seeking in the world.» – says Olga Janaszek-Serafin, editor of the portal. «We cooperate with foreign educational sites, search the online editions of the world’s media, so that Polish internet user can count on the news, which you will not find in the Polish media and other educational sites.» Unlike other educational portals, EDUNEWS.PL will not be limited thematically the system of education and formal education, as modern research point to the increasing importance of non-formal education – lifelong – in the development of societies and individuals. The creators of the portal start from the assumption that modern education is primarily to develop, and do not bother learners, hence EDUNEWS.PL aim is primarily the subject of intrigue users and original service, broad approach to education. The portal will be developed in collaboration with many institutions and educational organizations, including The School newspaper, Science and Knowledge Foundation, Center for Civic Education. Tags: EDUNEWS.PL, social education, edutainment, e-learning, information society, quality of education, innovation, technology, ICT, education system, research. For further information: Martin PolakTen address is being protected from spambots.

To view it, it is enabled in your browser JavaScript./**/ document.getElementById ( ‘cloak67875b5e422477d24c2ce237aafaf905’). InnerHTML = »; var prefix = ‘has the’ + ‘and l’ + ‘to’; var path = ‘hr’ + ‘EF’ + ‘=’; var addy67875b5e422477d24c2ce237aafaf905 = ‘contact’ + ‘@’; addy67875b5e422477d24c2ce237aafaf905 = addy67875b5e422477d24c2ce237aafaf905 + ‘EDUnews’ + ‘.’ + ‘En’; addy_text67875b5e422477d24c2ce237aafaf905 var = ‘contact’ + ‘@’ + ‘EDUnews’ + ‘.’ + ‘En’; document.getElementById ( ‘cloak67875b5e422477d24c2ce237aafaf905’). InnerHTML + = » + addy_text67875b5e422477d24c2ce237aafaf905 + ‘ ‘; / ** / The British and American schools, interactive whiteboards are present for a long time. They replaced – successfully – white, black or green boards and chalk. Although many teachers had concerns over the use of these tools, educational technology, they were quickly dispelled when the teachers know better the advantages and capabilities of these devices. Also in Poland, the use of interactive whiteboards is increasingly common. For example, since September 2004.

Provincial Information and Training Center of the Polytechnic Opole leading educational project «interactive whiteboard in education.» Every school, every teacher can borrow free of charge table after obtaining the approval of the Competition Commission evaluation prepared lesson plans or other activities. Interactive whiteboards also appear as a regular part of school equipment. While a few years ago even boards cost $ 10,000, today the cost is no longer the barrier – can be purchased for around 4,000 zlotys, the equivalent of a good laptop. The interactive whiteboards wrote in interactive whiteboards for school. Today, with the introduction of interactive whiteboards in schools talking with Witold Kołodziejczykiem of CODN. Is the interactive whiteboard is a powerful tool for education?

Research on the use of interactive whiteboard in teaching is conducted in the Teaching of Chemistry at the Faculty of Chemistry at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan since 2004. It was attended by 120 people for each of the three levels of education: school gymnasium, upper secondary and higher. Before classes individuals were assigned to groups at random. During the research we conducted preliminary test, the final spacer and 3 months after the final test. The efficacy results of training are as follows: In school institution (in the experimental groups working with an interactive whiteboard effectiveness of teaching is higher than the results obtained in the control group both in the final test, and the spacer) it amounts as follows: – for the group operating on the whiteboard 93, 63% and 83.13%; – group uses a computer lab 90.19% and 75.13%; – control group educated using traditional 78.69% and 61.38%. In a secondary school (in the experimental groups the effectiveness of learning was higher than the results obtained in the control group both in the final test and spacing), it is as follows: – for the group operating on the whiteboard 90.25% and 65.25%; – group uses a computer lab 87.00% and 57.25%; – control group educated using traditional 71.50% and 44.00%. The high school is suitably in the final test and the spacer – for group working on the whiteboard 91.00% and 63.00%; – group uses a computer room was 92.25%, 68.50%; – control group educated using traditional 74.50% and 45.50%.

The test results allow to conclude that the work of the interactive whiteboard allows you to get better results in education compared to the results of the group taught in a computer lab or educated by traditional method. As indicated by educators wykorzystyjący these tools at work, high efficiency is the result of the educational possibilities of modifying the selected elements of classes throughout their duration, and also easily convert their structure, through, inter alia a reference to the notes made previously (eg. at previous classes), expandability and attractive explain the more difficult part of material through a variety of dynamic and interactive presentations. [Information on the results of tests for e-Mentor 1/2007, «interactive whiteboard teaching adjuvant» Hanna Gulińska, Margaret Bartoszewicz] [Theme music used in podkastach comes from the album Nine Inch Nails Fri. Ghosts I-IV: 3-track Ghosts and available under the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 3.0 US] (Note about the author: Marcin Polak is the creator and editor of, is engaged in education and social communication, implementing social projects and commercial on national and international) Again streamed terror. The most important Polish officials responsible for school on Thursday admitted that our examination system is suitable for … ie. Anything is not suitable. Since it is said that the moment of truth, summarizing what Hansel (not) learned in school is «stupid, inexperienced, weak» (prof. Konarzewski), what you say about the quality of Polish education?

Diagnosis of knowledge and skills of students is appalling: only understand simple information and commands. When they start thinking, they start trouble – says the head of the Central Examination Board, Professor. Krzysztof Konarzewski. You can definitely feel surprised. For many years, it tells the public that despite all the ills of our education student is good that schools teach well, but we have great teachers and a lot of talented students.

Parents even believe it, bringing the total confirmed by opinion polls «Social image of the Polish school», CBOS 1998-2007). And suddenly such a shock, the cat out of the bag. Professor Konarzewski prompted by the «Journal» to answer the question whether Polish schools teach well or badly taught, replies, «Who knows? (…) The more important question is whether the Polish school year learn better or not. Now that we do not know (sic), but I hope that soon we will know. «I do not know whether the Polish schools teach better or not … There are no studies evaluating the effectiveness of teaching at different levels of school?

No comment. Experts agree that that a large part of the student’s problem stems from the way in which they are examined. That is why the Minister of Education Katarzyna Hall announced that the rules of the exams will be changed. Already in the 2011/2012 school year junior high school students will sit written tests in addition to the oral exam, which consists in the presentation of the project which is the result of teamwork. The rating will be the studybay same for all team members.

Junior high school students will also write the exam divided into parts humanistic Polish literature, historical and social, as well as the test of mathematics and natural. Tasks will be closed complemented statements written on a given topic and presenting commands mathematical reasoning. In turn, the primary and secondary changes will come into force only in 2014/2015 school year.

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